Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Untitled-part 4 (final)

“Jeremy I need to talk to you. Come see me after school” I said trying to not make it so obvious.

“Uh.. is that your way of asking me out?” he chuckled. “Well I would love to but unfortunately I have plans.” He added. He has turned into this self centred jerk that irritates me to no end.

“Oh, puh-lease don’t flatter yourself. I’m not asking you out. I just want to talk to you about something. And would you please stop acting like I have a crush on you. You’re like totally starting to destroy my reputation.” I said and cringe at the thought of me sounding like a total teenage high school girl. He brings out the worst in me.

“Sure. Like I’m so totally sorry. I didn’t mean to destroy your perfect reputation.” He said mocking me.

After school I waited outside class for him but when he walked out of class he just walked past me. I was furious but I knew he would do that so I had a backup plan.

I hid inside a janitor’s locker and waited for him to walk by. He did walk by after a few minutes and I used all my force to pull him inside and shut the door.

“Betty! What the hell?!”

“Don’t curse!”

“I can do and say whatever I want! Now if you’ll excuse me.”

He wanted to get out but I was quick so I blocked the door.

“I know, Jeremy. I know about you.”

“OMG! What is wrong with you?!” he shouted throwing his hands up in the air.

He’s trying to make me second guess myself. But I won’t give up. Nope. Because this time I’ve got proof.

“Ok fine I’ll humour you. Why? Why do you think I’m pretending to be someone else.” he said.

I cleared my throat and start spilling out the truth.

“Well for starters you look like him, you walk like him, you even talk like him…”

“So? That doesn’t mean I’m him.”

“Let me finish. You know all this stuff about me in Notsville that I’ve never told anyone here and you call me Betty and Boyles used to call me that. You like to tell people stupid jokes and laugh like a 12 year old boy. And most importantly, and I can’t believe I didn’t thought of this before, the biggest proof that clearly states you are none other than Boyles the goofy kid from Notsville is..”

“Uh.. Could you wrap it up please, I think we’re going to run out of oxygen soon.”

“Would you stop interrupting me?! And that reminds me Boyles was afraid of tight spaces and he also has personal space issues cause if you move one step towards him he would take two steps back. And I think he still is.”

“So that’s your proof. That’s it, I’m getting out of here.” He said and pushed me to the side and opened the door.

“It’s your name. Your name is Jeremy Anderson. But your full name is Jeremy B. Anderson. And the B stands for Boyles.”

He stops walking and turns around to face me. He look puzzled and mad. I was second guessing myself. OMG did I get it wrong! Then he grinned and said “So you finally figured it out, huh?”

“I knew it! I knew I wasn’t crazy. You are Boyles!” I said excitedly.

“I saw you in the hallway and you act like you didn’t know me so I thought I would do the same. Didn’t know it would bug you so much. You went all crazy and that was funny. And I knew you had that crush on me so that made it even funnier.” he explained.

“Why does everyone keep saying that?! I do not have a crush on you!” I retorted.

“Yeah sure. I mean all my other friends know how I walk, talk and laugh. They know everything about me. That’s not just something a crush would know. You’re right. I was wrong.” He said sarcastically.

“Okay you could stop that now. Maybe I had a stupid little crush on you back in Notsville but I’m over it. FYI I have a boyfriend now.”

“Yeah I’m not the only one who changed. You’re now one of the popular girls all of a sudden with your straight hair and perfect teeth.” He said.

“Well I’m Brittany now, not Betty. And Brittany is a fun, carefree girl who actually looks decent. And btw I would really appreciate it if you could not tell the whole school about my old self. I’d like to keep that a secret.”

“I would if you keep my old self a secret. I want a fresh start here. No more Boyles.” He said.

“Okay, deal!” I said.

A few months later everything was going perfectly as planned. I broke up with my old boyfriend and got a new one that’s way hotter. He’s the captain of the basketball team. Meanwhile Boyles is now the editor of the school paper and he enjoys working with all of his editorial staff. Mostly girls. Despite being in the same school now I haven’t seen him since that day when I found out he was Boyles.

But today as I was walking in the hallway I was suddenly pulled into the janitor’s closet. And guess who pulled me in.

“Boyles?!! What’s going on?”

“The Baldwin twins. They’re here.”

“What? Who?”

“The Baldwin twins. The it girls in Notsville high school.” He said peeking through the door gap every few seconds.

“No way! Are you sure?”

“See for yourself.” He said and opened the door for me slightly so I can peek outside. There I saw them; the hottest girls in Notsville. They used to call me nasty names in high school. They’re even worse than Boyles. Even Boyles is scared of them.”

“Look I have a plan. We kidnap them and then force them to sign a contract that tells them that they have to pretend to not know us.” He said. I can’t help but laugh seeing his serious face. Now who sounds like a crazy maniac.

“Oh, you think it’s funny. You got a better plan?” he asked getting annoyed.

“Yup. One that doesn’t involve kidnapping.”

“Fake suicide?”

“No! Something that actually works” I said.

“What? tell me!!”

“I’m thinking blackmail” I said and watched as the Baldwin twin struts across the hallway with their hair bouncing with each step. They have no idea what they’re up against.


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Wedding season-Episode 1

Wedding season

An ambulance stopped right at the entrance of the hospital. The doctors came running and opened the doors of the ambulance. A guy who was involved in a hit and run was lying on the stretcher wailing in pain, he was covered in blood and his legs looked badly injured. The doctors and paramedics rolled out the stretcher with the injured guy lying motionless on it and pushed it towards the emergency room for immediate treatment. Meanwhile a young intern stood in the hallway holding a clipboard and a brown envelope in his hand. He was heading for the laboratory but he was called out by another doctor all of a sudden.

“Don’t you have work to do?” the doctor asked.

“I was walking to the laboratory. I need to send these samples for analysis.”

The doctor didn’t say anything but just stared at him angrily.

“Ok. Instead of walking I’ll run there and head back here as fast as I can” he said and started running.

He reaches the laboratory and encountered one of the lab techs, L the girl who just started working last year but everyone in the hospital has known her. The intern handed her the samples and tried hard to catch his breath because he was running. L adjusted her labcoat and took the samples off his hands. And then the intern went running back to the emergency room. L tried hard not to laugh seeing the intern run frantically in the hallway. L handed the samples to another lab tech and went into the locker room to change into her casual clothes. She had the whole weekend off and she wanted to spend it by going on a road trip with a dear old friend who was waiting patiently in the hospital’s lounge.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The difference between fact and opinion

It’s important to know that there is a clear difference between fact and opinion and stuff that are relevant and irrelevant.

For example: I suck at math and chemistry. FACT. Cuz i failed on both subjects.

I can still get an A on future tests and finals. OPINION. Cuz the fact says otherwise.


Now for relevant and irrelevant. Relevant is important. Irrelevant is the total opposite.

Finals is on 27 March which is like 3 or 4 weeks away. RELEVANT. Very relevant.

I want to puke and then scream and the cry. IRRELEVANT. Cuz no one cares.

I’m not mad. I’m not upset. Just a little stressed out. Ok i’m really stressed out but who isn’t?!!!

Enough about me. I hate it when i talk about myself in this blog. It makes me look like a self centered freak!

One last example: You are the only one I know that can pull off that look and still look hot and cute all at the same time. So don’t ever change. RELEVANT.


The opposite of an A

okay. I just need to get this out of my system so i can move on with my life.

Test 1 didn’t go so well. I flunked chemistry and mathematics. I failed. Now i don’t feel so good. I might look like i’m clueless most of the time but i don’t usually fail in tests. but asasi sains is way different than school.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go from here. I don’t know what i’m going to choose for degree courses, or if i’m even qualified to apply.  I’m not good at biology chemistry or physics or math. And i’m not that good in English either You can clearly see that from my writing. So now i don’t know what to do.

And it doesn’t help that i’m the only failure in e8. i feel like the dumbest kid in there. i am the dumbest kid in there. This is bad. This is not good.

I have to seriously consider changing my way of studying. Maybe join a study group or something.

Glad i got that out of my system. Now i need to like wipe my memory about failing test 1 so that i can focus on the finals or something.

anyway thanks for reading..

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Untitled-part 3

The next day he approached me while I was having lunch.

“Hey, Betty.” He said.

I tried not to scream in anger and said “ My name’s not betty. It’s Brittany.” He ignored me and took a seat next to me. “Anyway, sorry about yesterday. I just got carried away and I’m really sorry” I apologized.

“Yeah I was going to ask you about that. What is with you and this Boyles kid anyway? And does he really look like me?” he said taking a bite out of his sandwich.

“He really does look like you. The resemblance is just scary. And I just don’t want to see him again, that’s all.” I explained.

He didn’t say anything and just nodded.

“Hey, wanna hear a joke?” he said.

“Yeah. Sure.” I said. 

“What's a teacher's favorite nation?” he asked.

“I dunno. “

“Expla-nation.” he said then he started laughing.

“Here’s another one. Why didn't the skeleton go to the school dance?” he said when he finally stopped laughing. “He didn't have anybody to take. Get it? any BODY” He added.

Then he started laughing and then his voice cracked. I remembered how Boyles like to tell stupid jokes too. And then he would be the only one laughing. And then he would laugh so hard that his voice would crack and he would suddenly sound like a 13 year old boy who just reached puberty. I almost choked on my food when I heard that pubescent laugh. That can’t be logical. Only Boyles laugh like that. I excused myself and got out of the cafeteria.

I head outside and tried to clear my mind.

That guy is not Boyles.

He can’t be.

I even checked his id and it says that his name is Jeremy. And..Wait a second..


That’s it! I just figured it out. It was staring me right in the face. It’s so obvious. How could I have missed that?!

To be continued..

Untitled-part 2

He was wearing a green collared shirt and a pair of jeans. Casual, normal clothes. He looks different than before. He looks more put together. Come to think of it he looks kind of hot.

“It seems that there are no empty seats available but I guess you can have Mr. Andrew’s seat for today because he’s absent.” She said. And before I could say anything he was sitting right next to me. He looks like the same person. Except maybe he looks better with his spiky hair and cooler clothes. Now I’m confused. Is he really the guy that I know or am I mistaken? He smiled at me at took a seat. That half smiled that was clearly forced. He’s clearly disappointed that he has to sit next to me but he tried to smile to not make it so obvious. The last time I saw that signature smile was back in my old high school. The teacher told us to pair up for the experiment and I failed to find someone who was willing to pair up with me. This guy his name was Boyles (finally I remember). He was cool but no one wanted to pair up with him because he was such a klutz. In the last experiment he managed to break two test tubes and spilled a corrosive substance on the floor. So he had no choice but to pair up with me. And he smiled at me, a fake and forced smile. Back then I thought he was really showing me a genuine smile.

I didn’t realize I was staring at him until he cleared his throat as a sign of discomfort.

That was awkward. But I’m still not sure if he really is Boyles. Only one way to find out.

“Hey, welcome to Southlake High school.” I said right after the teacher dismissed the class. “I’m Brittany Turner, and you are?” I said to him.

“Jeremy Anderson.”

“from??” I took a step closer to him. But then he took a step back. Weird.

“AppleValley high school.” He answered.

“Yo Jeremy. Let’s go.” A guy in a sweatshirt called out to him.

Then he said nice to meet you and just like that he’s gone.

I don’t get it. This guy has just been here for a few hours and he’s already popular.

Ok so he’s not Boyles from Notsville high school. I guess it was a mistake. But the resemblance is still scary.

So I thought that whole thing was over until something happened and suddenly now Jeremy is my new lab partner. Ok I know he’s not Boyles (I think) but he still looks exactly like him and I really don’t feel comfortable around him.

And when we were doing the experiment he kept doing things that tells me he’s boyles.

1st incident

“Hey Betty!” he said excitedly.

“What did you call me??”

“You are betty right??”

“No. It’s Brittanny. Not betty.”

“Oh sorry. I thought your name is Betty.”

2nd incident.

We were waiting for the water to come to boil and then he said.

“Do you wear braces??”

“Why do you ask??”

“Your teeth looks perfect.”

He’s just complimenting my teeth. He’s not Boyles.

“Hey is your hair naturally straight?” he asked again after a few seconds.

“Yeah” I lied.

“You would look better with curly hair I think.”

And then he smiled. This time and evil grin sort of smile. That confirms that he is none other than Boyles. He’s just trying to drive me insane. Or am I just over thinking this.

Then he was quiet but only for a few minutes.

“Say are you from Notsville high school.”

“Nope” I lied again.

“Oh. Coz there was this one girl I know who goes to school there. Her name is turner too.”

“Wow really.” I said half heartedly.

“Yup. But she doesn’t look like you. She was a total dork. She had these huge braces and odd looking curly hair. And she even had a crush on me. She kept following me around all day. So annoying.” He explained.

Ok. That was mean. He is Boyles. I just know it. I mean how can he know all that stuff about me if he’s not Boyles.

Maybe he’s trying to mess with my mind. trying to get me to freak out and go crazy. Like i used to be in my old high school. Everytime someone bugs me i tend to lose it and cry my eyes out in the middle of the hallway.  And everyone would laugh at me. I had a problem but i fixed it. I’ve moved on but now he’s here and he’s going to ruin everything.

Well i’m not gonna lose it again. I’ll just go and have a word with him. Tell him to not mess with me. He’s got secrets too and two can play this game.

“Hey, Boyles.” i said to him. He was at his locker putting some books in it. Probably getting ready to go home. And he looked at me with a weird expression on his face.

“Excuse me.” he said. “That’s your real name isn’t it?” i said.

“No. My name is Jeremy.” he said totally ignoring me. “I have to go now. My friends are waiting:” he said and walked away.

I hate being ignored. That’s the most annoying thing ever. I caught up with him and tried not to lose my cool. “Admit it. Just admit it. You are Boyles from Notsville high school!” i said with a louder tone.

He didn’t even  bother to respond. He just kept on walking and finally he met with his friend who was waiting by his motorcycle.

“Hey Jeremy. You ready to go?” he asked him. “Hey, Turner.” his friend greeted me when he saw me walking behind Jeremy.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Jeremy said totally ignoring me.

“Hey! I’m not done talking to you.” i said angrily.

“Is she always this crazy?” Jeremy asked his friend. His friend laughed. This dude is really getting on my nerves.

“What is up with you? I’m not Boyles. I’m Jeremy. I don’t get why you think i’m this Boyle’s dude.”

“Well you look exactly like him except you look more put together and the things you said in the lab. How would you know that if your not Boyles?” i explained.

“I have no idea what your talking about. If i said something to upset you i’m sorry but i am not Boyles and that’s it.” he said and got on his his motorcycle. 

If Boyles plan is to make me look like a crazy maniac it worked cause his friend was staring at me thinking i’m crazy.  In fact he’s still staring at me. 

That is it. If i want to solve this problem i need to be smart. I need proof that he is Boyles. I mean it’s really not that hard. All i need to do is catch up with some old friends and find out where Boyles is.   

“Boyles moved to another school a few days after you did.” my friend said when i called her.

“I knew it! But wait.. that was last year. Jeremy moved here last week. Or did he moved twice?”

“Huh who’s Jeremy?”

“Long story. But do you by any chance know where Boyles is now?”

“Not really. In fact no one has seen him for a while. And what is this about anyway.”

“Nothing. I was just curious.”

“Don’t tell me you still have a crush on him. Brittany you need to get over him.”

“What? I don’t have a crush on him! I never did!”

“Yeah right.”

“okay. I’m done talking. Thanks for your help. Bye.” I said and hung up.

That didn’t help at all.

I can’t believe i have to go to school tomorrow and face him again.   

Right now I think the safest way to handle this situation is by avoiding him at all costs. Act like he’s not here. Then I can move on with my life. But just like that guy Boyle’s, Jeremy Anderson is so hard to get rid of.

The next day he approached me while I was having lunch.

To be continued…