Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Drama: School on Saturday

  This is a script I wrote for the group oral test at school. I panicked bcoz my group members wanted to use the script in our literature textbook, you know the gulp and gasp drama. A funny drama with a villain, a hero and a damsel in distress. So, i really didn’t want to use that script and i wrote my own script ,inspired by that drama. :D They said it was okay and the teacher said we did a good job on that oral test.

Now this is the modified version of this drama. The original version that was used in the oral test is shorter than this.


Girl 1 : A girl who asks questions and dislikes grumpy people.

Girl 2: a confused girl

Boy1: experiencing major headache

Boy 2: Can’t hear anything unless you shout it to him

Girl3: a know it all student

At a library in school, Boy 1 and Boy 2 are studying on a big desk. Boy 3 is somewhere in the library.

Boy 1: My head hurts.

Boy 2: What?

Boy 1: I said my head hurts.

Boy 2: Your what hurts?

Boy 1: My HEAD! MY HEAD!!

Girl 3: Shh! You’re in a library. You’re not supposed to shout.

Boy 1 and Boy 2: Sorry.

Boy1: Do you have some Panadol in your bag?

Boy 2 searches in his bag, took out a pen and hand it to Boy 1.

Boy 1: I asked for a Panadol pill.

Boy 2: Oh.. I thought you wanted a pen.

Boy 2 took out a Panadol pill from his pocket and gave it to Boy 1.

Boy 2: I don’t feel so good either. I’ve been feeling nauseous since this morning.

Boy 1: Don’t puke here. Find a trashbin or something.

Girl 1 and girl 2 walked to their table and took a seat on the boys table. She drops a book and her pencil case on the table.

Girl 1: Hey guys. What are you doing here?

Girl 2: Wait. Where are we?

Girl 1:We are in the library.

Boy 2: What’s up with girl 2? She looks confused and disconnected.

Girl 1: I don’t know. She’s been like that since this morning.

Girl 2: Boy 1, what are you doing? Are you studying?

Boy 1: No,we’re washing cars. What does it look like we’re doing!

Girl 1: Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Boy2: He has a headache.

Girl 1: But that’s no excuse for being grumpy. You’re making everybody else grumpy.

Boy 1: Fine. I’ll just sit here with a funny smile on my face to make everybody else happy. (he said it


Girl 1: That’s better. Anyway I came here because I wanted to ask you something. I’ve been asking a lot of people but they can’t answer.

Girl 2: Wait! Before you ask him a question, I want to ask him a question first.

Boy 1: What question?

Girl 2 : Who are you? And where am I?

Girl 1: Girl 2, what is going on with you? He is boy 1, he’s boy 2 and I’m girl 1. And girl 2 you’re in the library.

Boy 1: Girl 2 you just made my head hurt again.

Girl 2: Sorry, Boy 1. I’m not feeling that well today. I can’t remember anything.

Girl 1:Anyway, Boy 1, back to my question. I want to ask you what day is it?

Boy 1: That’s easy. You’ve been asking everyone about that. It’s Tuesday.

Girl 1: Ok. Thanks.

Boy 2: What did you say?

Girl 2: She said the air is polluted.

Girl 1: What? No, girl 2, I asked him what day is it?

Girl 2: Oh. I’m sorry girl 1. I was working on this essay about pollution and I thought you were talking about pollution.

Girl 1: Okay. Anyway boy 2 I asked him what day is it?

Boy 2: Oh. Sundaes are not sold at the canteen. You should try looking at the café opposite the school.

Girl 1: No. You didn’t hear me. I said what day is it?

Boy 2: What?

Girl 1: What day is it? Day! What day!

Girl 3: Shh!! Why is this table so noisy. Can’t you read the sign? Keep quiet in the library.

Boy 1, Boy 2 and girl 1: Sorry.

Girl 2: What sign? I don’t see anything.

Girl 3 ignores girl 2 and walks away

Boy 2: Oh.. Today is not Tuesday. Boy 1 is wrong. It’s actually Monday.

Boy 1: Wait a minute. You’re right about me being wrong but it’s not Monday, it’s Thursday.

Boy 2: No. I’m sure it’s Monday. If it’s not Monday then why are all the books in my bag are following the Monday schedule?

Boy 1: You’re wrong. It’s definitely Thursday. I have my sports shirt in my bag because there’s P.E this morning. P.E is on Thursday.

Boy 2 : You have a sports shirt in your bag because you have Badminton practice. Badminton practice is on Monday.

Girl 2: I think it’s Friday.

Boy 1 and Boy 2 did not hear what Girl 2 said.

Boy 1: NO! It’s Thursday!

Boy 2: No! It’s Monday!

Boy 1: You’re wrong!

Boy 2: No. You’re wrong!

Girl 3: Guys! What is going on here?

Girl 1 : I asked them what day it is and Boy 1 said it’s Thursday and Boy 2 said it’s Monday. And I’m really confused.

Girl2: I’m confused too.

Boy 1: I’m right and you’re wrong.

Boy 2: No. You’re the one who’s wrong.

Girl 1: Which one is right? Is it Monday or Thursday?

Girl 3: You’re both wrong.

Boy 1 and boy 2: What?

Girl 1: If it’s not Thursday and it’s not Monday, what day is it?

Girl 2: I’m pretty sure it’s Friday.

Girl 3: No, girl 2. Today is Saturday.

Girl 1: Oh yeah. Now I remember.

Girl 2: Remember what?

Girl1:That today is Saturday.

Boy 1: Wait. I don’t understand. Why do I have my sport shirt in my bag if it’s not Thursday?

Girl 3: Because you have P.E today.

Boy 2: Wait. P.E is on Monday. So I am right. It is Monday.

Girl 3: No, Boy 2. It’s Saturday. We have replacement school today and we’re following the Monday schedule. That explains your books and Boy 1’s sports shirt.

Girl 1: Why is everybody weird today? Everywhere in school I see grumpy students. And a lot of them are sick and tired and there are also students that puked in the trashbin today.

Girl 3: What you are witnessing is the school on Saturday phenomenon that is very similar to jet lag.

Boy 1: You’re saying we all have jetlag. That’s ridiculous.

Girl 3: Let me explain. Jet lag is physiological condition which results from alterations to the body’s circadian rythms. Jet lag results from a rapid long distance transmeridian travel as on a jet plane.

Boy 2: What does jet lag have to do with the weird behavior of the students?

Girl 1: And what causes jet lag?

Girl 2: It’s pollution.

Girl 1: What? It has nothing to do with jet lag.

Girl 2: Everything that happens nowadays has to do with pollution.

Girl 3: That’s a good but weird answer, girl 2. And it is also not true. Jet lag happens because you’re body can’t get used to the new surroundings. When the time changes but your body doesn’t know that. So, you feel fatigue, you get headaches and nausea and you’re disoriented. Students are used to resting and sleeping on Saturdays, so when you have to go to school your body is struggling to adapt with the new routine. So, you feel nauseous and you get headaches and you can’t remember anything. Even what day it is.

Girl 1: Oh. Now I get it.

Girl 2: So that’s why I didn’t finish my homework. I had the school on Saturday phenomenon.

Boy2:No. You didn’t finish your homework because you were lazy.

Girl 2: Hey! …Ok. I admit I am lazy.

Boy 1: So, what should we do to survive school on Saturdays without fainting at the end of the day?

Girl 3: Those weird behaviours can be managed like how you manage jet lag. What I recommend is to get used to it on the previous Saturday . Don’t sleep and study like you’re in school. By doing that you can minimize the tiredness and nausea. And on the day of school keep saying to yourself “It’s Satuday” so you won’t forget. And lastly just enjoy yourself, it’s still the weekend you just have to spend the day at school.

Boy1: Thanks for the tips.(sarcastically)

Boy 2: Yeah. You’re so smart.(sarcastically)

Girl 1: Where did you get all these facts?

Girl 3: Wikipedia and facebook.

Girl 2: What were we talking about again?

Girl 1: Nothing girl 1. Just focus on that essay.


I love the character in this script. So i’m going to write another script based on these characters. So read my next post, a sequel to this script titled SPM zombies!!

Thanks for reading..