Thursday, 23 August 2012

Farewell speech

A farewell speech from my classmate Zuliana Zulkarnain or fondly know as Zu. She’s going to further her studies overseas so that’s why she will no longer be in palam with us.. Sedih.. :(

so dh la tu, tgklah video ny.. Aishah yg tlg recordkan..

patutnye sedih tp jadik klakar sbb tibe2 ad org plak kat blakang tu.. tu lah die klas e8.. HAHAHAHA :D

and to zu, good luck kat sane.. jgn lupe kitorang kat cni.. :)



Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rainbow bus stop- episode 2



Dh lama x update blog.. lama gile.. bukan xde mase, just rase takut sgt nk tekan publish post tu..xtahu nape.. anyway cite ny dh lame dh tulis and dh siap type dlm laptop cume x publish je.. nnt sambungan die next,next,next post..kot.. hehehe.. and nk post cite pasal palam ny jugak.. itu next post maybe.. So happy reading.. and don’t 4get  to leave a comment and pls be nice.. :)

klu blom baca episode 1 click link bawah ny..

-->  Rainbow bus stop-episode 1



The first dangerous thing happened 2 years ago. I was sitting here minding my own business when suddenly a twig cracked in the bushes beside the bus stop. I didn’t check on it because I thought it was a little bunny or something. Then the grass moved. Now it’s a bit creepier. I didn’t have to guess anymore because that thing was sliding towards me. Right at me! The thing that was making the noise and moving the grass was a huge snake! It was dark coloured. I think the colour was black with a hint of yellow. My mom once told me that dark coloured snakes are filled with poison. That thing was still sliding towards me. I was freaking out.

Ok, let’s pause the story for a while. Have you ever heard of the fight or flight reaction? You know when adrenaline is pumping in your body, your pupils are dilated and your heart beats really fast. Your whole body is focused on running away or fighting the thing.

Basically, that’s what normal people do. I’m a weird girl so I picked the third option. So now you’re wondering. There are only two options. Either you take flight or fight. That’s what you learned in biology class. In real life there’s a third option meant for girls like me. Wimpy, crybaby girls. It’s called the stay and cry reaction.

I froze there, my feet were stuck to the ground. My hands were shaking uncontrollably. My pupils dilated I think because I could see the snake clearly. But I didn’t do anything. I just froze there and started crying. It sounds impossible but that’s how it happened. Then my friend Nicky, who came out of nowhere pulled me away from the bus stop and into her car. She drove away from the bus stop and stopped when she thought it was safe. I glanced at the car’s rear window and I saw the snake sliding under the horizontal steel bench where I was sitting.

“What were you doing? You just froze there!” she asked when she finally stopped the car. “I don’t know. Did you see how big that snake was? I got scared.” I said wiping my tears with my sleeve. “It’s okay. You’re safe now. I’m going to call the fire department to get rid of that snake.” She said taking out her phone. A few minutes later, the animal officer came and took away the snake. I made sure that the snake was transferred to a zoo or the wild because I don’t want the snake to be killed just because I like to sit at the bus stop. So that was the first dangerous incident.

The second one happened earlier this year. This one was really scary. And there was blood dripping and everything. It’s just scary.

On that day it was raining cats and dogs outside. You cannot see anything. All you see is the rain and you cannot hear anything either.

to be continued…