Friday, 25 January 2013

Long weekend and studying


Happy Weekend!!!

I get it some of you might not be happy with the test coming up soon and all. Tapi at least physis and math dah lepas..

and i gotta say physics and math haritu susah gile!!

But for me everything is difficult.

Whatever. Let’s not think of the past and keep moving forward. Concentrate on the future.  

But it’s still not too late to study.

Tips on how to get 4flat in foundation science.



Photo0655 Photo0682


1. Study, study, study.

Duh! Obviously you have to study.





Photo0645 Photo0650


2. Try not to study alone.

If you ever get stuck on something you can’t understand ask a friend to help you. Don’t be scared to ask for their help. They won’t get annoyed or scold you if you don’t understand. Good friends will always help you and would want you to achieve success with them.



3. Be positive and avoid being stressed out.

My friend Syai she’s so positive she forgot there even was a test and made plans to go jogging on the day of the test. We had to remind her that there was a test on that day.

So don’t panic and just relax. Stressing out won’t solve anything. Crying doesn’t help either. The best you could do is to relax and take a deep breath.  Try selawat ke, baca doa ke.. Anything but panic.


I really do have to start taking my own advice.

Ok so, every cloud has its silver lining.

Stress + pressure = adrenalin rush + wild imagination + creative mind.

Let me explain.  Everytime i go through a stressful phase of my life i always end up with a blank piece of paper and my favourite pen writing a story. and the stories i write when i’m stressed out is way better than the ones i write when i’m happy. Those stories look like crap when compared with the ones i write when i’m stressed out or depressed.

So this year i’m gonna write a story about the future where everyone in e8 is all grown up and married and having a career. It’s gonna be awesome.

Basically there are 5 weddings in one weekend and a girl goes on a road trip visiting a wedding in kedah and other weddings and one last wedding in Johor where all of e8 will reunite in the most awesome reunion. So during the road trip the girl will meet all her other friends who have careers and already married.

I wanna make this story realistic and i wanna write about the characters properly matching e8’s real personality. and i’m also excited writing about the weddings and writing a detailed description of your future partners. It’s gonna be an adorable, lovely story.

I’ll write it soon. Gotta take advantage of the stressful situation.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :D


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Drama : Last minute studying

I got the idea of writing this story after studying physics for two whole hours. So, expect this story to be weird and maybe annoying. Don’t blame me, blame it on physics and that kirchoff dude.



Ivy  : a very positive girl who’s mission in life is to make everyone happy like her( kinda like spongebob). She is a Foundation science student.

Ty : an expert at being grumpy and seems to enjoy thinking negative. Also a foundation science student.

Ivy is at a cafe waiting for her friends to arrive. Ty happens to be there drinking coffee while reading physics textbook. Ivy excited about something could no longer wait for her friends to come so she walks over to Ty’s table and sits there. Ty realizing the presence of someone beside him puts down his textbook. Ivy flashes the brightest smile she could  and greets him with a simple “hi'”. Ty says hi back and smiles just to be polite but inside he is thinking of ways to escape from the girl famous for being extremely annoying and insanely positive.

Ivy: Hey.. Whatcha doin???

Ty: Physics. (points at book). You?

Ivy: I’m talking to you, silly. (laughs) I’m bored. My friends are always late and I always end up waiting. So you don’t mind if I sit here while I wait, do you?

Ty: Actually, I…

Ivy ignores him and picks up her bagpack from her table and carries it to Ty’s table.

Ivy: Good. Coz seriously I am bored to death.

Ty: Yeah. Sure. But…um… I  would really appreciate if you keep quiet coz I have work to do and all..

Ivy: Of course. You won’t even notice I’m here. I’ll be quiet. Quiet as a… um… I’ll be quiet.

Ty: Ok. Good.

Ivy kept quiet for a few seconds, checking her phone now and then. But then she felt bored. She sighed loudly, tapped her fingers on table, sighed again. Ty starts to feel annoyed.

Ivy was clearly bored out of her mind and she was getting restless. She had to say something, anything. She glanced at Ty’s book to see what he was doing. Ty realized that Ivy was peering over his shoulder. He closes the book and stares at Ivy angrily.

Ivy: Good. You’re done studying. Let’s talk. So physics. That reminds me. Just the other day in physics lecture, the funniest thing happened. Well it’s not that funny, kinda weird actually. I saw a cricket doing whatever it does making that sound…

Ty: krik….krik..krik..

Ivy: Yes, exactly! Only this one was real and I mean it’s so funny cause that’s exactly what I hear all the time in my head. Coz I don’t understand anything when it comes to physics.

Ty: That must be scary.

Ivy: What? No! Crickets are cute, not scary.

Ty: No. I mean what’s scary is that you don’t understand anything. There’s a test coming you know. And finals and everything.

Ivy: Oh… well I never thought of it that way before. Anyway, do you remember biology class today? That video about that cell….

Ty: We learned about immunity system right?

Ivy: Yeah, yeah. As I was saying it was so funny to see how that natural killer cell destroyed that bad cell. It kinda looked like the matrix with the whole slow motion thing and all..

Ty: I thought you were gonna talk about the tutorial homework and the lab report we were supposed to submit this Friday. But… (chuckles) that video was kinda funny.

Ivy: Yeah I totally forgot about that. And there’s a math test next week. And a chemistry quiz and the finals. Oh my God the finals!!

Ty: Calm down Ivy. The finals is in March. It’s still early.

Ivy: Yeah right. There’s like uh….. 12 weeks left!  wait no.. 10 weeks… there’s like only 10 weeks to prepare!!

Ty: Hey, relax! Let’s talk about something else. Do you think the lecturer has posted that funny bio vid yet? I would really like to watch it again. Seriously that video is awesome.

Ivy: Who cares about that video?! I gotta go home and catch up on my studies.

Ivy stands up and gathers her things.

Ty: Wait. I thought you were waiting for your friends to come.

Ivy: I don’t have time for that now. Just tell them I’m sick or something. Sorry to bother you Ty, you can study physics now.

Then Ivy walked out of the place. Ty wanted to study, he knew he should but after talking to Ivy his view has changed. He flips open his laptop and googled ‘3D animation of natural killer cell’ and consequently updated his status on facebook and twitter completely ignoring his physics textbook.

The End

So the main idea about this story is…. you should not leave your friends waiting, coz this will happen. Oh, who am i kidding. This story doesn’t have a point.  I wrote it just for fun.

Thanks for reading :D


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New story : Untitled

Creative. Yeah right. That title is as creative as the weirdo who puts his password as ‘secret password’. But i can’t think of a good title for it yet. Whatever. Just read it and tell me what you think.

And i just want to mention my best friend Anis Syakirah was the one who asked for me to post a story in my blog. So, Anis here you go. :D


It’s not him.

It was just my imagination.

I keep saying it’s not him but my vision is still clear and I know what I saw just now and he looks just like him.

I’m talking about the guy I saw in the hallway. I was on my way to class minding my own business saying hi to some of my friends while I was walking. Some girls were saying “hey, Brittany!” and this guy said “Whassup turner!” and I greeted them back flashing a bright smile. Everything was normal but suddenly I heard someone amidst all that noise saying “hey Betty!” That caught my attention because no one here calls me Betty. Because my name is not Betty. My name is Brittany turner. No one calls me Betty except this one guy and some jerks back in my old high school. I was scared to turn around so I kept walking but when I finally reached my class I turned around and scanned through the crowd and I saw him. He was talking to some friends so I can’t really see his face but I know what I saw. It’s him. The guy from my old high school. I can’t remember his name but I’m sure that’s him.

I know what you’re thinking. So what if he’s the guy from my old school. That’s good news because I can get back together with a dear old friend. Not! For starters he is not my friend. Well he used to be my friend back when we were kids in elementary but not in high school. And secondly he is from my old school which is in my past. And I’ve wiped out all the memories from my past. You see I was a geeky girl back then, I had these geeky braces and odd looking curly hair, I didn’t wear any makeup and my clothes made me look even weirder.

That girl is dead and gone. My family and I moved to a new town so I had to go to a different high school and my braces finally came off. So I thought this new school is my chance to start over. I don’t want to be the old geeky Brittany. I wanted to be the cool girl for a change and that’s what I did.

I went through a total makeover. I changed my hair, I tried putting on makeup and I changed the way I dressed. I came to school with a confident attitude and a friendly smile. And it worked. I have friends now who actually like hanging out with me. I have lunch at the cool table and people say hi to me when they see me. I’m happy now and I never want to be the geeky Brittany anymore. I never want to remember the past ever. To me that girl is dead and I act like it never happened. I never told my friends here about my old school, I just tell them I’m from a nice little town called Notsville and a school called Notsville high school and that was it. I brainwashed myself into thinking that the past never happened. I even burned all my old pictures and never contacted my old friends except my good friend Nicky.

But now the presence of this mystery guy has forced me to dig up all those painful memories. And I’m not even sure that it’s him.

My daze was disturbed as the teacher entered the classroom. A guy followed behind her.

“Good morning class. It seems that we have a new guy in school today and he’s in our class. So allow me to introduce Mr. Anderson” she said and told him to face the class.

So it wasn’t my imagination.





Annoying gile kan.. Bile dh bace byk2 tibe-tibe ad to be continued kat bawah tu. And die punye sambungan ntah bile nk post.

You could just cut the story right there. It could be a really cute short story. But if you still wanted to know what happens next, you could check my blog every now and then. I’ll try and post part 2 of this story soon, okay.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy day-one direction is awesome

Okay. the truth is i’m not that happy today, well at first i was happy then i was bummed then i was happy again and then suddenly i got upset. But right now i am jumping up and down excitedly.



One direction’s awesome new video kiss you comes out today on youtube!!


I think i should stop screaming before my roommate gets mad but i can’t help it. These guys are so cute and awesome and funny. Harry Styles is adorable. and he’s super funny in this video. He’s so cute!


OK. breathe……

Internet and One direction music video

Please internet can you please speed up just this once.. I really, really want to see one direction’s new video and i would really appreciate if you could speed up just this once.

Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top….

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Uitm puncak alam- A place for countless photo oppurtunities

If there was an award for the most photogenic class in palam I think e8 would win. Today’s blogpost is proof of that statement.

So finally after all this time secretly taking candid photos, I present to you E8 in all its glory.

E8 photos


one of my fav pics. who knows what they’re talking about tp nampak cam serious sgt..

Photo0141 Photo0387 Photo0518

Photo0268 Photo0236


Lisa cakap my phone takes the best pictures and she always borrows it to take a picture. So here’s some photos of the most photogenic girls in e8.

Camera loving girls


 Photo0450 Photo0449

Photo0298 Photo0476

 Photo0515                              Photo0516


Bile dh letak banyak2 gambar ny mesti ad org akan tanye. “korang buat ape kat asasi tu?? xkan amek gambar je..”

The answer is simple : MULTITASKING. We take pictures while studying. Seriously i’m not kidding. Look at these pictures and you’ll get it.

Lab, tutorial and lectures




Photo0295_001 Photo0293

Photo0497 Photo0499 Photo0498




So is that enough proof for ya?  I’ve got lots more pics to show you but unfortunately it would take too much time to load with palam’s slow internet and all..  But i’ll definitely post it in my next posts.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

and happy new year!!!