Monday, 26 August 2013

UPM i’m already here!!


hehe memang lame gile x update cam dh nk tutup dh blog ny.. jgn tegur lah pasal tu.

Anyway i am happy to tell you that next week i will be going to upm to further my studies! yay! I got offered degree in economics.

Memang upm dekat gile dgn rumah so nk ckp upm i’m coming pon pelik cos technically i’m already here.

I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to study a different subject coz being in science just did not work for me. So in a way this is sort of like an escape route out of the science stream. And that’s just awesome.There is a risk but every course has its difficulties.

Sebenarnya bukan nk ckp pasal upm or economics i just want to tell you something that’s really bugging me right now.

You know i have a fear of making new friends because i’m terrified of turning back into that  weird girl in school whom for some reason no one wants to talk to.

This did not happen in palam when i was studying foundation in science. I had real friends and they actually want to hang out and talk to me. I never went to the cafe to eat alone, i always had friends with  me.  I was really happy about that.  I was no longer the anti social girl anymore. And people did not avoid me like i have some kind of highly contagious flesh eating bacteria.

So i’m really hoping and praying that in UPM i will have friends like in Palam. Because the last thing i want is to be the friendless girl sitting in the cafeteria alone.

But lately i’m noticing a pattern.  I started to reconnect with the people from school on facebook like on their facebook group and stuff. But whenever i post something like a simple question like ‘who here has a twitter account’, the post is seen by almost everyone but no one responds to it. So i was optimistic maybe they were busy or they just didn’t notice that post. but then just recently i saw that this certain classmate in school got into upm too when he posted a question on upm’s facebook group.

So i commented on his post just to be polite and say hi to a fellow upm newbie. But then that ‘classmate’ replied and acknowledged everyone else  who commented but me. Except me. So my comment just remains there without anyone responding to it. It’s like i’m a crazy fangirl who’s posting on harry styles’s twitter acount. It’s embarassing and just pathetic.

But you do get it right? It’s like everyone in my previous school got a memo that says please ignore farahatun najihah coz she’s a crazy, freaky  chick that will cling to you forever. So i’m worried that in UPM there will be lots of people from my previous school and they will send out this imaginary memo to everyone else. Then i’ m doomed to turn back into that anti social girl who no one dares to make eye contact with!

All i can do is pray and hope for the best.

But maybe there’s a slight chance that i’m just being paranoid.

Coz i still have one friend that’s still talking to me and she’s from my previous school. (hai yan!! )

I really hope I’ll be able to make new friends and they won’t think i’m crazy.

I really hope i’m just imagining things.

Anyway you’ll hear from me soon, right after orientation is over, with loads of pictures with my new friends, i hope.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Minggu Destini Siswa-UiTM Puncak Alam

Sape dapat asasi sains puncak alam angkat tangan!!


Well congrats cuz u r one step closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor, or a dentist, or a psychologist or whatever you want.


Ok so bile tgk surat tawaran tu, tgk sampai habis you notice something weird. ‘minggu destini siswa…

minggu destini siswa..

pastu try google ape bende minggu destini siswa ny..

well lucky for you! you’ve come to the right place. I am going to tell you the truth about minggu destini siswa (MDS). This is the week that you’ll remember for the rest of your life in PALAM(puncak alam).. and i’m not sure if that’s a good thing..

1. Pemakaian

Perasmian MDS-pakai baju kurung sekolah je senang.. ramai org pakai baju sekolah nnt… pastu pakai ngn kain hitam. tp klu xde, jgn nangis.. xkene marah pon. nnt PM akan suruh pakai baju yg colour cerah atau paling hampir ngn putih..

Formal clothing- kemeja for boys and baju kurung for girls.. you’ll be wearing this the whole week except perasmian taim hari kedua or ketiga MDS..

baju sukan- waktu taim my mds dulu die kate girls xboleh pakai t shirt putih. Tapi just bawak je lah baju tu, Just to be safe.

2. PM (fasilitator)

Omg! Where do i start. Ok.. Diorang sume tu baik.. lah jugak.. Pastu they kinda are like your brothers and sisters…..

Tp xdelah sgt.. Based on my experience.. They’re just typical seniors. They do what seniors do. And my advice and please listen to me. STAY UNDER THE RADAR. Jangan buat diorang marah. Kunci rumah jgn hilangkan, jgn main handphone, jgn hilangkan bende2 yg die bagik korang.. Even if its just a pen, Do not lose it.

And just a heads up. Korang memang confirm akan kene marah yang gila dahsyat punye taim MDS ny.. I think it’s in the program. Tapi kene marah ramai2.. So xde lah terasa sgt.. Die just tengking sikit je.. Jgn risau. Mase taim my MDS dulu kitorang kene marah sebab x ikut arahan…kot.


3.Things u need

-Mineral water bring as many as you can carry, minimart xbleh masuk taim MDS nnt kene marah, plus you’ll be there from 6am to 11pm, so trust me you’ll need water.

-Comfy shoes- sneakers and black flats.. oh and bring extra socks too..

-Ubat panadol utk pening kepala (tp kat palam ad klinik so xpayah risau)

-Plaster- sbb nnt kaki akan melecet sebab banyak sangat jalan. Ny baru jalan je nnt bile dh start turun naik legendary stairs tu kasut tahan 2 minggu je pastu dah koyak2.IThat’s why budak palam memang banyak kasut.

-A pillow.. for you to sleep on mase taklimat that seem to last forever. hahahaha i’m just kidding


4. Activities

-Isi borang berjemaah-the seniors were very helpful in this activity, diorang terangkan sebijik2 and from a to z.. Pastu kalau korang tersalah isi borang ke, atau terlupa nak sahkan salinan atau ape2 problem pon just ask them and they will help.

FYI borang-borang yang kene isi tu banyak, antaranya borang medical checkup, borang elaun asasi, borang kolej and etc.

And you need banyak salinan sume tu, so make sure yang tu ade.

And satu lagik surat tawaran jangan lupe print.

-Submit borang- nnt korang kene beratur and masuk dewan kat tingkat atas tu untuk hantar borang kat pegawai yang berkenaan. kalau betul selesailah masalah borang, tapi kalau tak lengkap borang tu nnt korang kene buat balik semula, lengkapkan apa yang patut.

-Aerobik- lompat-lompat pastu tarik nafas. Simple je.

-Makan- makan ialah taim yang paling seronok dalam MDS ny. Mase tu bleh tarik nafas kejap. Tapi kejap je sebab die bagik 10 minit je untuk makan. Serious. X tipu. Kadang-kadang 5 minit je. So jangan tercekik pulak kat situ.

-Taklimat-taklimat kolej, taklimat isi borang, taklimat polis bantuan, taklimat motivasi pasal sejarah uitm, taklimat i learn and many, many, many more.

-belajar lagu uitm

-Penutup MDS- Ny pon best jugak sebab it means MDS is over. Nnnt sume brkumpul kat padang malam tu pastu diorang pasang projector and screen tu and korang tgk lah video candid sepanjang MDS. (might be a vid of you snoring and sleeping mase taklimat)

-Palam tour- Taim my MDS dulu yg ny x sempat buat so buat sendiri je slps MDS habis which is better i think.

After MDS

  • Get to know ur lecture group.. Yay!!!!
  • Try to find ur group members.
  • get the lecture schedule.
  • Start lecture classes!!!

Ok so good luck sume yg nak masuk palam , i know you’ll love everything about palam. The subjects are difficult but you’re in a great environment surrounded with great and awesome friends. And as for MDS don’t worry too much bcoz it only lasts for 3 to 4 days and it’s not that bad really. Hey look at me i survived it so u can to. And plus it creates precious memories to hold on to for the rest of your lives.

That’s all from me now. Thanks for reading :)

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024 028

031 026

Photo0987 Photo0990









Photo0783 empty chairs waiting for the new batch of Palamians..


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Last group project..

So okay last sem we did a bio video but for this sem we were told to make a pretty poster.. Yay!! But it’s gonna be the last group project for this sem and like ever.. 

Kumpul kat raff aritu kul 8pm and start working on this poster. We had to make one about the respiratory system.. 

OK I’m done talking let’s see some pictures..

Creative directors hard at work…

Photo0934 Photo0935


Ajk makanan dan minuman..




start working on poster..

Photo0937 Photo0950

Photo0958 Photo0967


Photo0985 Photo0984

Sleepy faces..

Photo0968 Photo0971



Photo0975 Photo0974

Group photo!!!


We did it! Good job everyone!

So that’s it, the poster has been submitted and it’s done.

No more group projects after this…

No more lab, no more lecture and tutorial..

This is so sad.. ugh! I promise myself i wouldn’t cry…

Anyway thanks for reading and good luck for finals..

where the hell are the box of tissues when you need one!


Friday, 22 March 2013

Lab rat psycho-Episode 1

New story!! Tapi sambungan die after habis asasi baru bleh post sbb skrg sibuk ngn final.. Be patient, okay..

For now this is what i can give you. I got the inspiration for this story in the lab when everyone were dissecting rats. I say they because i wasn’t involved, i just watched from a safe distance..

So happy reading.. Don’t forget to leave a comment..

Lab Rat Psycho

“What’s going on??” a guy said when he noticed a crowd in front of the biology lab.

“We’re dissecting rats today” his friend, Jimmy said over excitedly. “Too big of a crowd for that, I’m sure there’s something else.” His friend replied.

“Wait a sec. Is that police tape?” Emma pointed to the tape surrounding the lab.

The crowd started to dissipate and that’s when they found out what the fuss was all about.

“Back it up. Nothing to see here. This is none of your business.” Said one of the officers.

“Excuse me but we have to use the lab today. We’re dissecting rats.” Said Cassandra who has been talking about dissecting rats since last week.

“Lab is cancelled until further notice.” The officer said and then he turned around and closed the doors.

“What was that about?” asked Emma.

“Uh, Emma this might answer your question.” said Casey pointing to the window where you can see the inside of the lab.

It was like a scene from CSI. There’s blood everywhere and the broken glass all over the floor. And the worst part is the body in the middle of the room right on the lab counter.

“So the legend is true. But I thought the killer was already in jail.”

“Yeah but he could’ve broke out of jail and come back here to kill again.”

“Huh? Wait who’s the killer?” Emma asked getting confused.

Then they all turned to stare at Emma and made a face that basically asked her if she had been living under a rock.

“The lab rat psycho. He’s a serial killer.” answered Cassandra. “A few years back he was a student here just like us and he was obsessed with biology and specifically the dissection part. He was cuckoo in the head. So during the rat dissection week, every night he would hang around the lab grab some unlucky victim, put a chloroform to his/her mouth and then…”

“What? What happens next? Tell me!” Emma shouted.

“He puts him on the table and then he dissects his victims like a lab rat. Tore up his skin and just stare at all the internal organs.” She continued.

“But relax we’ll be safe as long as we don’t go out at night.” said Casey comforting Emma. “Uh, yeah but we have night classes this week, remember.” said Cassandra.

“It’s fine. Nothing like that will ever happen to us and plus the police are already on it.” explained Casey.

“Yeah, you’re right.” said Emma breathing a sigh of relief.

Little did they know the killer already had eyes on all of them and he is ready to strike again.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cooking club- Jualan amal Gaza

We cook, we sell and the profits go to charity. Need i say more?

Nothing like the smell of caramel pudding in the morning..


 Photo0809 Photo0814


Milkshake Making experts

Photo0819 Photo0820


Our stall was surrounded by hungry customers..




Awesome salesgirl making sales..

Photo0834  Photo0843





Ajk kewangan kira keuntungan..



So, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your hard work  put into making this charity sale a success. Because of you lots of money will be donated to charity so give yourselves a pat on the back.

and i wanna say SORRY if i ever wronged you cooking club members in any way. Really, really  sorry and i hope that we will stay friends long after foundation science is over. :D

and also good luck for finals.. :)


One last picture..














Ini kes terlebih rajin..


Thanks for reading..



Cooking club- club activities



Photo0221 Photo0222




Cooking club aka eating club


Photo0229 Photo0230 Photo0231


 Photo0741 Photo0740

Oh how i love candid photos.. :D

Anyway thanks for reading…