Tuesday, 8 April 2014

UPM agriculture class outing

Chickens, cows, lambs, fishes and horses…….


Are the many things that we did NOT get to see on this farm. Although we did get to see the fishes, and ponds and lakes and lil floaty thingys. I don’t know what their called. But they look like fun!

see this is the lil floaty thingys.. i think it’s a cage or something..


Obviously we did a lot of walking and it was really, really hot outside. Makes you wish that this farm visit includes a swim in that lake. LOL



padi.. i think..  and a pic of some type of tree..with fruit in it..





Agrotechnology bio..something.. oh yeah i remember its called aeroponics.




Photo1484i don’t even know what that is..

Photo1485  By the time i took this pic, the visit was almost over so i had already lose focus.. so don’t ask me what that is.


final group picture..




Oh wait i didn’t take any… oh well this is all i learnt in this farm visit. Yup that’s it. We’re supposed to write a report but i’m not sure how that’s possible cause most of that day was just a blur. I can’t even recall where that farm is. I just got.. distracted.

Anyway, thanks for reading. To all UPM students, have a great mid sem break!



tyraa razak said...

frah...i dnt think so evryone hd focus on ths farm vsit...evn i also didn't focus coz of the telenovela...hihi

tyraa razak said...

haha...i dnt think we can focus on tht day....coz a lot of dramas...kikikiki

Farah said...

hahaha yeah dat was funny..

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