Sunday, 13 April 2014


Does listening to indie music aka alternative music make you look cool? The answer is yes! Especially if the indie music you’re talking about is the ARCTIC MONKEYS. Like seriously if a guy says he likes arctic monkeys, do not hesitate, grab him and get married. Coz if you don’t you’re gonna regret it.

So what makes indie music or anything in this genre cool?

I mean there’s indie music, indie films and even weirder indie books.

I hate it when people say they like indie just to sound cool, when in fact they don’t even know what indie is.

Indie is the short form for independent. Like in case of music, indie singers or bands don’t belong to any major record companies. The songs you hear on the radio, that’s mainstream music, the opposite of indie.

And thus that explains your confusion when i say Arctic Monkeys. Coz you’ve never heard of them before. Because their songs are not played on the radio. Well not here anyway. But that doesn’t mean they’re not good. They are waaay better. Hey they even played on the olympics opening ceremony. And they have won awards too.  And plus it adds to the cool factor because most people don’t know about them. Which makes you automatically cool when you say you like them. So do you get it now?

1. People who like indie is cool cause not everybody knows about them. Only people who have great taste in music.

Here’s an example:

cool guy: Hey what kind of music do u like?

girl:  I dunno, uh.. anything in the radio i guess.

cool guy: oh.. i like indie. The Arctic Monkeys is my favourite band.

girl: hahahahaha What’s arctic monkeys?

cool guy: What?! They’re the coolest band in the world. How could you not know about it?! Do you live under a rock or something?!

and the conversation started going downwards after that. Then finally the guy walks away with his hands in his pockets, the song Do i wanna know plays in the background.

yeah you know he’s hot if this song plays in the background.

2. people who like indie is different and unique coz they are not following the crowd. It sets them apart from everyone else.

3. They find their own thing, their own favourite music instead of what society gives them, so you know they have their own mind, and their not afraid to be different.Which is so,so,sooooo cool.

I am not an indie fan. I like the arctic monkeys and i like songs that aren’t in the radio, but sometimes i do listen to some songs if they are good.

But i’m not a fan of indie films. It’s too symbolic, and i don’t get indie books either. But i do know people who read indie books are really smart. And they don’t like to waste time with meaningless things. Most of them detest entertainment. So i’m not sure i like people like that. But still most of them are cool.

I listen to songs because of their lyrics. And the arctic monkeys songs are written by Alex turner. Wow.. I wish i cud write stories like alex turner writes lyrics. Because it’s amazing.

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So anyway my point is, it doesn’t matter what the music genre is, what matters is the songs and the lyrics. And yes, listening to indie music makes you look cool.

So, owned languange, stating my stand, relevant points, yup dats it.. This is actually my practice text for my upcoming speaking test. And i wanna test myself on what i have learnt in BBI2423. And yeah, you know i won this discussion so suck it imaginary group members!! HAHA!

And i’m a lil crazy because midsem break is about to end.. sooo…yeah..


so bye for now.. till the next weird and crazy post..

thank you for reading.. and sorry..hahahaha



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